Question: I’d love to do a shoot, but I worry that my photos might end up in a magazine, or on the internet. What guarantee do I have that they won’t?

Black Lace: Boudoir photo shoots are strictly private. We’ve been doing this for over twenty five years, and we guaranteed privacy and discretion to our clients from day one. Your photos cannot be used by us for any other purpose without a legal document called a model release form, which you would have to sign. You can be secure in the knowledge that your photos will remain confidential.

Question: I’ve never done anything like this before and I don’t know anything about modelling, or posing. I don’t want to appear stupid on the day, what do I do?

Black Lace: There’s no need to worry, because I will guide you through a series of poses designed to make the most of your best features. I’ve been photographing women in boudoir style for many years, and none of them had any previous experience either.

Question: Do you provide any clothing for the shoot?

Black Lace: No – we have some props depending on the theme of the shoot, but bearing in mind the intimate nature of lingerie, our clients prefer to wear their own clothing.

Question: I’m really interested, but I just need a little bit of convincing to overcome that last bit of nerves and insecurity. Tell me why I should book a boudoir shoot with you?

Black Lace: There are many reasons why, depending on your motivation for the shoot in the first place. A gift for a boyfriend or husband is the most common reason, and it’s a truly personal, loving gesture. Anyone; his mother, sister, aunt, can give him a shirt or aftershave, but this is a unique gift – because the gift is you. Not only that, but it comes in two parts – the photo session, and then the photos. You get the enjoyable experience of being the centre of attention while being photographed, knowing you are creating something unique for him, and he gets the results of the photo shoot – a wonderful set of photographs of you. You both benefit from the same gift idea.

Of course you may be doing it just for yourself – because you want to experience what it’s like to be a model for the day, and why not, that’s as good a reason as any other? It’s no more about vanity than having your hair or nails done. It’s simply about having some great photos of you at your best, a lasting record of how good you looked at one particular time in your life.

Question: I’m still not a 100% sure. My problem is that I’m really lacking in confidence. Can you help?

Black Lace: All I can say to that is that most women leave here with their confidence higher than it’s ever been, and that’s before they’ve even seen the photos. It’s a very empowering experience, and a great thing for boosting your ego, but you won’t know that until you do it. So, take the chance – you won’t regret it.

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