Black Lace Boudoir Photography is the new name for the former Aberotica Glamour Photography, established more than twenty five years ago to provide a glamorous and stylish photography service for women in Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland. Back then we were the market leaders in personal glamour photography for women, and we still are.

Of course, some things have changed over the years, but the main change has been in the attitude of our customers. When we first started, women came to be photographed because they wanted a special gift for their boyfriend or husband, but a few years ago things began to change. More and more women were coming to be photographed, purely because they wanted to experience what it was like to be photographed in a different, more glamorous style. They rightly felt good about themselves and the way they looked, and wanted to record that with a set of beautiful, sensual photographs.

Now, with the launch of Black Lace Boudoir Photography, we are providing a more exclusive, and dedicated boudoir service than ever before. We don’t do industrial work, family portraits, or weddings – we are one hundred per cent committed to Boudoir Photography. It’s local; based right here in Aberdeen, and it’s very, very affordable.

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