A Little Known Secret About Boudoir Bridals

Not only did we start the first Boudoir service in the North East of Scotland, but we also pioneered the concept of The Boudoir Bridal shoot. The idea was quite revolutionary back then, but rapidly caught on, and became a great success.

The idea was simple; after the wedding day, that very expensive wedding dress and bridal lingerie was stored away, and never used again, but there was no reason it couldn’t be utilised to create some beautiful photos of the bride as a special gift for her husband, and so our Boudoir Bridal service was launched.

The wearing of your wedding gown and lingerie needn’t be confined to a one-off occasion anymore. Now you can recapture the memories of your great day, and help to create new ones for both of you. Not only do you have the ideal opportunity to wear your wedding dress again, but you can also reveal that expensive lingerie for the first time in a set of stylish, classy, and beautiful photos.

Of course, Bridal Boudoir photos need not be confined to after the wedding – the bride to be can be photographed in boudoir style before the wedding, and the photos presented to the groom on the wedding night. A loving gesture specially created for him! This is also a lovely first wedding anniversary gift, or indeed for any anniversary of your wedding day.

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